Spotlight on A Capella Club

Nolan Batton, Reporter

One of Madison East’s choir groups has adapted to be more inclusive. In past years, there have been two predominant vocal groups. There is Dodici, an audition-only vocal group for 11th and 12th grade treble voices who are in choir, and Brodici, a vocal group for those with baritone voices in choir. This year, the former Brodici club has transformed and rebranded as the A Capella Club.

“The club was originally a baritone voice only, but due to low numbers in that range, we have opened the club up to include all voices,” Junior and club co-founder Spenser Pownell said.

The club is now open for anyone to join, no audition required. 

During the club, members chat for a little bit and eat lunch. Then they will start rehearsal. Right now they are prepping for an upcoming choir concert. They sing an array of songs from classic A Capella such as “White Winter Hymnal,” to more mainstream music such as “Billie Jean” by Micheal Jackson. When the club is not actively singing, they are choosing what they want to sing next.