Dive into Madison East’s 2022 Winter Fine Arts Blizzard

by Alyne Espinoza Mora

The Winter Blizzard is an annual fine arts tradition at East that many staff and students look forward to each Winter. For the 2022 Blizzard, we talked to a few performers about what to expect.

Senior Ross Hudson will be performing in the Winter Blizzard for the first time, and said he has been wanting to perform in the past but it took until now to build up enough courage to sign up. As a senior, this will be his first and final time before he graduates and he’s excited to play a Minecraft medley on the piano. Hudson started playing the piano when he was in middle school, and said he’s excited to see other people’s performances at this year’s Winter Blizzard as well.

Although he did win in an impromptu beat box competition against choir teacher Luke Hrovat-Staeder in his freshman year, senior Keasion Griffin will be another first-timer, officially performing at the Blizzard this year. He and some of his friends will be showing a sneak peek of a film they have been working on since 2016. His goal is have fun and show people what he can do.

Senior Riann Adriansjach will be performing with the Symphonic Band, Concert Choir, and a new organization this year, Cypher. This isn’t the first time he’s performed for the Blizzard – in fact when he performed with his band in the past, it was actually their first time playing in front of anyone. Adriansjach said he’s looking forward to showcasing his talent to students and to inspiring others. For most of his performances, he will be playing the drums, which he has been playing since he was four years old (that means he has been playing drums for 13 years!!!) He will be playing guitar, which he’s played for two years now, during other parts of his performance, and will also be singing (he just started taking classes this year).

“I hope that everyone will enjoy what our school has to offer in terms of arts,” Adriansjach said. “Also, I hope students can be respectful audience members, considering there will be more people in the theater this year compared to last year.”