Tower TV – Episode 5, Jan. 30, 2023

TTV Staff

Tower TV – Episode 5, Jan. 30, 2023  Watch episode 5 here! ( 23 min. 21 sec.)
In this episode:
  • Dora and Jasmine the art teachers against each other to see who can draw best, blindfolded!
  • Cole, Eva and Ula go ice fishing
  • WIll, Cam & Tess bring us an update on the construction, with a behind-the-scenes interview
  • Red, Ry and Sam put their own spin on “Hots Ones” with teacher Mars Subola
  • Kadjata and Noel feature the history of principal Milton McPike for East’s History of the episode
  • Elsa, Ross and Lydia share a “Tiny Desk” concert of some talented student musicians
  • Cole has news about the some good will East students spread around the neighborhood
  • Red, Ry and Sam tell us more about the Anime Club
  • and of course you’ll also get the announcements and some stellar anchoring from Cole and Cooper.
Tower TV is a production of the East High School Advanced Video Production class.

Music is licensed through MMSD with Omni Music in Media

The Mission of Tower TV is to unite our viewers by finding and producing entertaining and informative stories relating to the East High community, while mastering the craft of film/ video production.