Tower TV – Episode 7, April 3, 2023

TTV Staff

Tower TV – Episode 7, April 3, 2023  Watch episode 7 here! ( 21 min. 25 sec.)
In this episode:
  • Sam, Ry and Red anchor the episode
  • Fruit Smash w/ members of the softball & baseball teams, by Elsa, Ross & Jashiya

  • Getting (Irish) Juiggy with It (St. Paddy’s Day trivia), by Chelsea & Dora

  • PSA: Stay on Track by Eva & Red

  • Ghost Stoppers 2, by Ula & Cole

  • Feature: Non-binary students & staff by Will, Tess, Jashiya & Will

  • Find out about Teacher’s Pets from Ross & Lydia
  • East History: Expressions Literary Magazine by Kadjata & Noel

  • Feature on Cheer Team placing at State, by Camryn & Liam

  • Announcements interspersed throughout – by Will

Tower TV is a production of the East High School Advanced Video Production class.

Music is licensed through MMSD with Omni Music in Media.

The Mission of Tower TV is to unite our viewers by finding and producing entertaining and informative stories relating to the East High community, while mastering the craft of film/ video production.