Prom Sparks Creative ‘Proposals’


photo by Jashiya Maynard-Woods

Junior Aariel Moore hugs senior Z Johnson, after accepting Johnson’s promposal. “I wanted to stay “traditional” whilst making sure that it was special and custom to what we both like/what we have in common,” Johnson said.

by Jashiya Maynard-Woods, Reporter

Prom season has passed us by quickly, and with that many proposals have happened around the Purgolder campus.

Senior Deagan Wiebel baked fresh bread into the letters P-R-O-M and a “?” for his elaborate “ask.”

“We had already agreed on going to prom together as friends,”  Wiebel said. “A promposal was on my list of things to do in highschool so I figured I might as well.”

Like Wiebel, many East students approached friends or partners with creative displays of affection in order to ask them to the dance.

I “promposed” the way I did because I know that me and her (Diamond) are both very extra like that,” senior Z Johnson said. 

Johnson asked their date by blasting music from their car and presenting a poster that asked compared famous duos, asking their date to be a duo with them. Posters, in fact, were one of the main tactics seen in 2023 promposals around East, while others kept it simple with flowers and a note.

“He (my boyfriend) hid the flowers behind his back then asked me to prom and handed them to me. It was very sweet,” junior Chelsea Mager said.

A “promposal” is supposed to be a special moment between you and the person you ask, no matter what the circumstance. It’s that extra touch that can make someone feel special.

“I wanted to stay ‘traditional’ whilst making sure that it was special and custom to what we both like/what we have in common,” Johnson said. 

Putting all that hard work into asking can definitely pay off in the end.

“I was shocked when he asked me, and it made me feel really good because I could see the effort that was put into the promposal,” junior Nyawer Biel said.

The point of promposals isn’t to make a big gesture but to bring joy. 

“I was very happy when she said ‘yes.’ I figured she would, but it was a very nice moment to just let her answer sink in,” Johnson said.



Senior z johnson asks junior Aariel more by blasting music in their car and presenting moore with a poster. 


 Senior Deagan Wiebel gathers friends (sophomores henry ironside and alaina coleman and senior elsa marley) to ask his Junior Stedmen Windsor- Engnell to prom with bread he baked himself


Junior Nyawer Biel gets asked by her boyfriend to prom with a poster and a teddy bear.


Senior Scott williams surprises senior shawn wallace by asking him to the dance with a handmade poster