Tower TV – Episode 8, May 22, 2023

TTV Staff

Tower TV – Episode 8, May 20, 2023  Watch episode 8 here! ( 21 min. 40 sec.)
In this episode:

We have an all-star cast anchoring the show.

Elsa and Eva bring you Person on the Street interviews.

Mr. Gibson teacher feature by Ross, Lydia & Eva. 

Dora, Will & Eva feature East Soccer.

Jashiya, Chelsea and Liam bring us a PSA about Staying Cool these last weeks of school.

Outdoor Activities, kind of, by Sam, Ry & Red.

Learn about the Newspaper & Photography Club with Jashiya & Liam.

Noel & Kadjata give us one last East History wrap-up, and

Ula, Cole & Tess round out the show with a Tribute to the Class of 2023.

*with a special announcement guest appearance by David at the end