Yearbook Distribution Day

When do you get your yearbook?


Check the list outside the main office to see if you’ve ordered a 2019 yearbook.

Ms. van Buren, Adviser

More than 590 students have pre-ordered a 2019 yearbook and it’s almost Distribution Day – the day students can pick up that fresh copy of the 2019 book!

When can seniors get their book? Senior Brunch

Seniors who pre-ordered a yearbook will be able to get their yearbooks first – during the Senior Brunch in the cafeteria on May 30. Bring a student ID or driver’s license when you pick up your book.

When can everyone else get a book? Lunch May 30- June 3

Everyone else can pick up their pre-ordered copy of the 2019 yearbook during lunch ONLY on Thurs., May 30, Fri., May 31 and Monday, June 3. REPEAT: ONLY during lunch. Do not go to the main office or Ms. van Buren’s classroom to pick up your yearbook. You must get it at lunch or email her about arranging a special pick-up time on or after May 30.

What if I haven’t bought a book yet? Limited supplies – buy online or after May 30

If you haven’t bought a yearbook but want one, there is still time. There will be about 50 copies of the yearbook for sale and will be sold first come, first serve. The yearbook staff will not hold or reserve a book without the $47 payment in full. You can order one online now through May 24 – the online store will close after May 24. Go to – you may use a credit or debt card. Or, you may order a book in person with adviser April van Buren with a check payable to “East High School” or $47 cash. Bring the payment to Ms. van Buren in 1057 E or bring it to the cafeteria at lunch May 30-June 3 – you will get a receipt and a book in exchange for your payment.

How do I know if I pre-ordered a book? Check the list!

Save yourself (and everyone else) a headache, and check the list outside of the main office or in the mall area. If you are on the list, congratulations, you 100% DID pre-order a book and just need to show up on distribution day with your ID to claim it. If you’re not on the list, then you didn’t pre-order a book. You can still get one, but you have to bring $47 to buy it or buy one online before May 24.