The Man Behind the Announcements


photo by Tania Avila

East High security guard David McCullough is the man behind the voice of the school’s morning announcements.

By Evelyn Stephens, Writer

You might think that five or six years of the routine, morning announcements every single day, would make anyone bored, at least a little bit. It can get repetitive, and anyone’s voice would sound a bit dull so early in the morning, telling a school full of kids things they already know or don’t care about anyway. East security guard David McCullough, however, probably isn’t the “anyone” you had in mind. The enthusiasm McCullough exudes every morning as he delivers the morning announcements is something no one can ignore.

“I have a lot of students that tell me they feel the energy that I put into the morning announcements,” McCullough said.

McCullough’s effort to keep things different, exciting and positive helps make them unforgettable. Whether it be an encouraging quote, a report on the latest Packers game or a catchy opening line, he makes sure East students and staff start the day off right, with a smile. Even the small details show his dedication to what he loves to do.

“I think last year, the first thing I would say is, ‘Good morning, East High.’ And then this year, I changed it… (to what day of the week it is, and the date, and then) say ‘Good morning, buenos días,’ which is ‘good morning’ in Spanish,” McCullough recalled. ” …I do different things so we can keep it interesting and keep it, you know, contemporary.”

Students weren’t lying when they told McCullough that they could feel his energy. It’s an infectious thing, and when that energy is met with the equivalent from a large amount of the student body, things can get interesting. One of these occasions is particularly memorable to him – when students got a bit too excited about a trivia contest he had set up.

“We were in the main office, and it was almost like you heard a stampede, and students were running from all over the building to the main office to answer this trivia question to get a prize that was promised at the time,” McCullough said.

McCullough’s love of helping and inspiring young people shows in every job he’s had, most notably his experience working at community centers and his job working with young people at Mendota Mental Health. He says he enjoyed the interactive experience and the opportunity to encourage others, something he carried into his job here at East. In fact, it was one of the reasons he chose his current job.

“I knew that it would be a good connection to continue to work with young people and encourage them,” McCullough said, remembering how he felt after interviewing at East.

McCullough is no stranger to Eastside pride. He said he loves everything about the school, from the building to the colors. In his twenty years as a part of this community, he has helped countless people in small and large ways, some of which he may not even know about.

“I feel a connection to our school, to encourage our students to be their best, to know what Eastside pride is and to strive to help them to be better citizens in the community and for themselves,” McCullough said.