Tower TV – Episode 3, Nov. 22, 2021

TTV Staff

Tower TV – Episode 3, Nov. 22, 2021 – Watch episode 3 here! (18 min. 21 sec.)

In this episode:

  • Food Equity Club by Isaac & Benno
  • Students’ Favorite Fall drinks with Ava & Ellie
  • Meet our new Interim Head Principal, Ms. Mikki Smith, by Elyse, Will & Izzy
  • “May I go to the bathroom?” a travel vlog by Noah
  • Check-in with our Gymnastics Team & see Zavon and Zane in “Battle Beams,” by Zavon, Ale, & Zane
  • A Pilgrim Asks Around to Learn the History of Thanksgiving, by Joe & Corey
  • Update on the Wrestling team by Eva
  • Teaching teachers slang, with English teacher Judy Gump by Ava & Ellie
  • Announcements, produced by Noah

Tower TV is a production of the East High School Advanced Video Production class.

Music is licensed through MMSD with Omni Music in Media, with the opening theme song used under Fair Use as a parody.

The Mission of Tower TV is to unite our viewers by finding and producing entertaining and informative stories relating to the East High community, while mastering the craft of film/ video production.