Tower TV – Episode 4, Dec. 13, 2021

TTV Staff

Tower TV – Episode 4, Dec. 13, 2021 – Watch episode 4 here! (21 min. 10 sec.)

In this episode:

  • Video Dating Profiles (comedy) by Elyse, Izzy & Will
  • Updates on the Green club, by Noah & Eva
  • Girls and Boys Basketball face-off, by Ale
  • Public Service Announcement: Wear a coat, It’s Winter, by Joe
  • Science teacher competition by Ava & Ellie
  • Mathelete Press Conference & East’s Math club by Benno & Isaac
  • East Winter Holiday Traditions by Zavon
  • Teaching teachers slang, with reading teacher Bethany Alwa, by Zane
  • Announcements, produced by Zane

Tower TV is a production of the East High School Advanced Video Production class.

Music is licensed through MMSD with Omni Music in Media, with the opening theme song used under Fair Use as a parody.

The Mission of Tower TV is to unite our viewers by finding and producing entertaining and informative stories relating to the East High community, while mastering the craft of film/ video production.